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who I am

I'm born in the little town of Campania, on the outskirts of Lazio,
from where I had to move to further my studies,
but to which I still feel deeply connected.
I graduated from the Istituto Universitario Orientale of Naples
with a degree in Philosophy, and with specialization in Aesthetics.
I began to paint on canvas ever since I was a young girl
through a spontaneous act and with an intense passion for oilcoulours
all this without ever having had previous contacts with any form of art,
as if my desire to create, to give colour, originated from an irresistible
and irrepressible act of the mind.
I have unexpectedly stopped painting for a number of years,
for no apparent or particular reasons,
to then take it up again soon after I graduated,
perhaps to fill an existing emptiness or perhaps simply because
I was inspired by my encounter with the impressionist style.
I am a self-taught artist propelled by my love for art,
undisciplined in my creative rush,
discontinuous in my creative vein, still in search of my artistic imprint.
I have no pretexts for being technically perfect;
I love to paint and I love what I paint,
and if through my works I succeed
in transmitting positive emotions to people, I could not be happier.
I do not believe that I am able to describe my works,
neither to explain why I paint in a certain way
rather than in another.

I prefer that my works speak for themselves.