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The poetic undisciplined rush of
Margherita Fascione

In the delicate compositions of Margherita Fascione
can be glimpse those magic wings ready to open in flight but
till held back by characterial timidities non atypical in the mind
of how many are fresh bridegrooms to the Muse
Margherita Fascione can to count instinctively on the own looseness
of line that permit her to make well on the canvas the immediateness of the vision…
and on the poetic undisciplined rush (sign of authentic talent at the initial big bang)
what takes her hands, up to rebel to herself, almost that
she had held back from the amletic ask that every artistic
temperament is set to the dawn of his own walk:
"Were I'm going? Who am I? Sky or Earth?
This indisciplined rush, at the actual condition of the run,
is cause of very beautiful moments and others contradictory in the
art of Margherita Fascione, to which we feel of to resemble,
moving her actual time to our time of when we began.
We know her Passion and we feel that she is already now
able to caress our need to go out of the heaviness of the
being with suggestive images where tenderly the Muse smiles.
Today our artist is in full search and we would already like,
because really beautiful and crown of talent, some her work.
Come on, Margherita, for all we, create!
(Armando Parlatano *, November 1997)

*teacher of the oil crayon, artist, poet and my spiritual guide.

Sensual Fantasiosity in the works of Margherita Fascione
in art exhibition in Cassino

We are glad to introduce to the public the artist Margherita Fascione
who yesterday has inaugurated an art exhibition
in the show room in Cassino...
The esposure of Margherita Fascione, who,
autodidactic in painting for love of the art,
in the life of every day is doctor in Philosophy, shows,
at the actual point of search, the serene awareness of a run still
a first years, but already indicative of a tendency
that goes as soon as consolidate toward an own personality. . .
Kind in the manners as every thinkers, it uses a
tone of low voice, she almost wanted not to make evident
what can lodge in her mind: the emotion of
give herself to the attention (…)
Trembling sun's rays, warm yields, lighted flowers
leave the place to ethereal skies on soft and light landscapes
(…) work of strong contrast that make testimony to the
intelligence and the complexity of the painter character
that search in his brushed the announced dream:
the attainment of the Sign
(…)The artist often introduces a series of compositions
tied up not always from the harmonic thread of an only weaving
(…) but, if to the visitor disparities will appear,
they belong to the first song of Margherita Fascione
(…)if contradictions exist they are propositives for the mind of the artist,
since they point out the whole instinctive simplicity
and the emotional courage essential values that belong to the
language of the love for the painting.
Surely this is the priority evaluation that must to consider.
So, taking vision of the work of Margherita Fascione,
will have the perception of one certain her sweetness,
of one certain her sensual fantasiosity.
Will look therefore with the key of the to feel. 
Yes, we will feel the first song of Margherita Fascione. 

(Armando Parlatano, from L'Inchiest, 9 nonember 1997)

The fertile creativeness of a sensitive artist.

The Margherita Fascione painting condenses in suggestive representations
the internal rushes and the fertile creativeness of
an sensitive artist, spellbound above all from the nature
and from the landscape, surprised in the dynamic flow of
forms and mutations in the to turn of the days and of the seasons. 
Ample rural expanses overhung by serene skies,
amazed shady angles in the reserve of anxious atmospheres,
images of regions silent vital surrenders from the work of the man,

Il neoimpressionismo di
Margherita Fascione

In ciascuno di noi, in forma di espressione pittorica, poetica, musicale ecc., vi è una certa e innata
inclinazione all'arte, a quell'unico mezzo, cioè, capace di
elevare sublimemente le nostre emozioni, di
dar forma o voce ai nostri sentimenti più profondi.
Ma l'inclinazione, senza un afflato particolarmente intenso, come scevra di gusto e adeguata
raffinatezza di strumenti, non basta da sola a fare di ciascuno un vero artista.
In Margherita Fascione,
l'attitudine alla pittura, come mezzo espressivo più congeniale alle sue qualità,
ha ragione di essere in una continua e vibrante ispirazione,
in una fluidità di segni e cromatismi che, quantunque frutto di una ricerca autodidattica, palesano
l'impronta dell'artista sicura e consumata.
Si dichiara, la Nostra, emulatrice della pittura impressionistica, quasi a volere, con verecondia e
profonda ammirazione per quell'arte stupenda, affermare la giustezza dei propri presupposti pittorici.
Invero, la validità dell'opera di Fascione non è attestata
semplicemente dalla tecnica o dai principi estetici, sebbene sicuri e
collaudati, ai quali, espressamente, ella si ispira, ma dalla bontà che dall'opera stessa
traspare con forza ( e direi con dolcezza al tempo stesso ), e che è soltanto espressione di un animo
mite e palpitante.
Se proprio di emulazione si vuole parlare, essa, comunque, non è mai
desiderio di eguagliare, bensì di superare quegli stessi principi impressionistici, quella tecnica agile e
immediata, secondo un nuovissimo modo di vedere, di sentire, di esprimersi.

(Prof. Paolo Secondini)